High Female Sex Drive
High Female Sex Drive
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High female sex drive

I am a married woman who is desperate to get back into the swinging scene. I used to visit swingers clubs for sexual release when I was single, but gave them up when I met and married my husband. He is a lovely man, but after 4 years of marriage, the sparkle has gone out of our sex, and I am lucky if I get serviced once a week. I have tried expressing my fantasies, which turn him on, but he will not consider either making them come true in private or by visiting a club. How can I persuade him to join me at a club, or to meet someone to spice up our sex life.

  • Oh what a common lament. In 30 years of swinging I have heard this complaint hundreds of times from both ladies and men. Against popular myth, it is more often women than men who are looking for ways to enliven their relationship. I guess the men being lazier take the easy way out and cheat, whereas the woman tries to find ways of resolving the problem.
  • It sounds like you have worked hard to get your man to consider ways of livening things up, but either he is satisfied with things the way they are, or he is afraid of losing you if he does agree to having some adult fun. He may be feeling hurt that you have raised the topic, and bruised the delicate male ego by causing him to think that he is no longer man enough for you.
  • All I can suggest is to continue talking to him, show him some swingers web sites, and tackle the subject outside the bedroom so he cannot roll over and go to sleep. Maybe create a profile and make contact with some people, and then show him that people would be interested in meeting you both.

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