Male erection issues
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Male erection issues

I am a single Male. I have met 2 couples but on both occasions I found I could not perform as well as when I pick up a girl. I really like the girl from one of the couples, how can I get her to come and play with me on her own?

  • Oh dear!. Sorry to hear about your performance problem, its not un-common for guys to have this problem. When we meet a guy who has problems on the night, David will often leave Jo and the guy alone for a while, until he regains his confidence. However, not all couples are happy to do this, as for them the fun is often for the girl to be active with the visiting male, and for the male partner to watch or join in the fun.
  • Remember that the couple are being generous allowing you into their relationship. If you cannot perform don't worry, they will be disappointed, but often give you time to try again.
  • If all else fails, try some of the little blue pills for men. As long as you are turned on by the girl, you will then get an erection, and almost certainly be able to perform like a porn star.
  • Do not try to persuade a girl to meet you on her own, unless they have hinted at the possibility you could upset them and lose them as playmates.

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